One goal of the MeeBlip project was to share a bit of what goes on behind the scenes in making a synth. We haven’t done a great job of communicating what we’ve been doing lately, and we have been ourselves disappointed in unexpected delays in code development and shipping. But we have been very busyone reason for our silenceand it’s time to share what’s been going on.

Simply put, both firmware and hardware have been delayed, but remedies are in sight.

The firmware was delayed for a simple reason: adding the features we wanted took far more effort than we anticipated. James has been working around the clock, inventing new techniques for squeezing the new waveform anti-aliasing and MIDI control features we wanted into this little synth’s brain.

The good news is that all of the new features we promised have been added and we started final firmware testing today. If you’re the adventurous kind, you can download it right now.

Hardware shipments were delayed by flawed manufacturing. We had to re-make an entire run of MeeBlip micro boards and re-do the assembly for the MeeBlip SE main board.  The micro boards have arrived; we’ll post an update when we have information on the SE delivery. We do quality testing on every MeeBlip that ships to you, so the product you get won’t be affected; the only upshot is, we missed our self-imposed shipping deadlines! Here’s what that means for you:

Users of current MeeBlips, awaiting an upgrade: We’re testing the new release now, and will post an update when we begin physically shipping new overlays and pre-programmed chips to users. If you’re itching to take it for a spin (and have a chip programmer), the current firmware build is on GitHub, the new repository for all our open source code.  As always, we’ll offer pre-programmed chips with the upgrades, too.

Customers awaiting MeeBlip micro, MeeBlip SE board kits: Both micro and board kits are in stock and will go out once they’re loaded with the new firmware, as we conclude quality testing on that code. We have offered a full refund to everyone who purchased these kits, but the wait should be very short.

Customers awaiting MeeBlip SE: We’ll post information once we have reliable shipping arrival estimates. Again, the handful of current customers have been offered refunds if they so choose.

If you’re waiting to place an order: We’ll post details of when you can expect to receive a MeeBlip based on solid information about shipping.

We’re on GitHub! We’re now placing firmware builds on GitHub, the new repository for all our open source code: [Updated! We changed to meeblip-synth (from meeblip-se) to avoid confusion]

We’ll add more to that repositoryincluding “hacked” forks for those who want themover the coming weeks. If you’re adventurous, you can check out the code or try it yourself, but otherwise we’ll complete our quality testing and post an update here.

Where to stay tuned for updates: Subscribe to this blog, or follow @meeblip.

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