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We have a new, step-by-step guide to connecting and playing the MeeBlip SE. For all users of MeeBlips with the current firmware, this includes some explanation of how to get the most out of the new sound controls and synthesis parameters. And if you’ve got MeeBlip SE hardware, we show you how to load and save presets (at last!), as well as set the default MIDI channel.

So, if you’ve got a new MeeBlip, this is where to begin. And if you’re thinking about it, this will give you a taste of what the user experience is like.

Bonus: an appearance by a creature who is not MeeBlip mascot Meemert, but is a one-eyed neighboring alien.

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  1. arbee

    simple and effective. great read and cannot wait to receive mine !! 

  2. Techno Music News

    So I got my meeblip se and assembled it without issue, but it won't power up using a standard boss style 9v power plug (Im in the UK and so cant used the supplied power chord) do I need a particular power supply or is the unit busted? 

  3. Graham

    uhh… Is Folgers in your cup?

  4. jgrahame

    Boss power supplies have the wrong plug polarity. You need a 9V DC adapter with a center positive barrel plug.

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