What’s it like getting a MeeBlip SE Quick Build in the mail, then assembling it? Sure, we say you just need a screwdriver and a few minutes, but what’s the reality of this thing?

Well, a big part of what keeps us passionate about working on the MeeBlip is you, the users. And so, Stan Taylor, a MeeBlip user from the USA who’s a trained sound engineer and musician (working in Atlanta and Florida), sent us a pretty incredible gift. He shot a video showing the whole process, from opening the box to playing your first notes, and even offers some handy tips on the way.

If you’re thinking about getting a MeeBlip SE Quick Build, this is a good way to see what it’s about. And we’ll add it to our documentation page for those of you still waiting to put together yours and make some sound.

We really are planning some video production this summer. I have to say, you in the MeeBlip community have set a pretty high bar. If we had gone off and done videos on our own, I don’t think they would have been as good as the ones you sent in. Now, we’ll just have to raise our standards.

Stan, thanks for this amazing work! You can see some of Stan’s work here:

And his wife, who helped out and did the design for site, is here:

Got any questions or tips about MeeBlip assembly? Do let us know. And keep the videos – and sounds and music – coming.

7 Responses

  1. stan9fromouterspace

    Thanks for posting, Peter. Hope it will prove useful / entertaining / tolerable for the viewers. Honestly, if I had known it would be so widely distributed I probably would have used a better camera. Oh, and worn pants. Cheers!

  2. Lisa

    Brilliant AND fun!

  3. Keith Handy

    My browser isn't letting me click the "thumbs up" button, but thumbs up. Mostly for the pants. ;)

  4. jgrahame

    MeeBlip. Bass that'll knock yer pants off.

  5. Fikous

    HEH, heh, heh, heh, heh, hehhh…

  6. Patrick

    Just played my first gig with the meeblip and loved it! Just one small complaint — it’s so small and lightweight (which makes it easy to carry) that it’s really easy to snag an audio or power cable and knock off the table! Any suggestions for anchoring it? Or affixing it to a custom rack-type thing with other table top instruments? Right now I’m wrapping each table top synth in towels for padding and placing in different bags…but there must be an easier way, right? 

  7. James Grahame

    I use a small Ikea shelf with velco to hold all my small gear in place.

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