Hacken, löten, bratzeln

So begins the review of the MeeBlip in a recent desktop synth round-up in Germany’s fantastic DE:BUG Magazine, by writer Benjamin Weiss. “Bratzeln” or some variation is an onomatopoeic word in German, and thus impossible to translate. (It means the MeeBlip feels like this, maybe. No, seriously, we asked Benjamin and he reported it was a nice thing to say about the MeeBlip’s sound.)

DE:BUG has high praise for the MeeBlip – and high praise for you, in the community. Lesen Sie den Test in deutscher Sprache:
Im Test: MeeBlip SE

Fazit (results/conclusion):

Die MeeBlip SE Sets sind für alle interessant, die selbst Einfluss darauf haben wollen, wie sich ihr Synth bedienen lässt und was er macht. Dabei sind sie nicht nur für den allwissenden Schaltkreis- und Programmier-Nerd geeignet, sondern dank ausführlicher Dokumentation und der hilfreichen und produktiven Online-Community (die unter anderem TouchOSC-Templates und einen VST Editor hervorgebracht hat) auch für den interessierten Einsteiger. Darüber hinaus ist der MeeBlip SE ein einfacher und günstiger kleiner Synth, der sich gut spielen lässt. Lohnt sich!

My (slightly loose, idiomatic) translation:

The MeeBlip SE models will interest anyone who wants control over how they make and use a synth. They’re not just for know-it-all circuit and programming nerds, but thanks to extensive documentation and a helpful and productive online community – which has produced, among other things, TouchOSC templates and a VST editor – for the curious beginner, too. Above all, the MeeBlip SE is a simple, affordable compact synth that sounds good. Worth it!

The MeeBlip SE is available from our store:


Made in Canada, ships to your part of the world.

(Thanks to our community, really – it’s nice to see you called out, too. We’re rewarding you with a new community site, launching shortly – the forum may be temporarily interrupted over the coming days as we make the move on the fly, but your data is backed up and all will be well – and more spam-resistant – on the other side.)

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    Excellent translation overall w/a few words that don't translate.


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