We’re pleased to again offer MeeBlip SE for sale – now fully-assembled. MeeBlip has been winning praise from press and users, and we can’t wait to ship more of them out to you. Buy one now from your part of the world.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes improving MeeBlip and making it easier to get it in the hands of musicians. That means some not-so-musical stuff like working out how fulfillment operates so we can ship these easily and quickly, including to Europe.

You won’t notice those changes, other than finding that it’ll be easier to buy a MeeBlip when you want. But we have made some other enhancements to MeeBlip SE:

  • New orange-on-black color scheme, inspired by some of our favorite synths of the past. We like the way it’s looking – and it’s also easier to read.
  • New retro knobs. (And knobs are important; we still believe in being able to control the synth from the front panel – no menus needed.)
  • More patch storage. The original SE had 16 slots for storing sounds; you can now use up to 30. We think people who use patches in performance will be especially pleased.
  • The latest MeeBlip firmware – as always, fully open source and ready to read or hack at GitHub.
  • Fully assembled. Previous MeeBlips were “quick build”; now you can plug this in and use it right away.

SE owners: you’ll get access to the extra patch storage, too; we’ll post a firmware update soon. We’re swapping the high-pass/low-pass filter switch for this, because you’d almost always want the low-pass filter with our unique digital filter characteristics.

But while it now comes to you ready-to-play, this is otherwise the MeeBlip SE we introduced at the beginning of the year. It’s the synth that got glowing reviews from DE:BUG and Resident Advisor and a Key Buy from Keyboard Magazine – and, more importantly, from many of you. It’s still a MIDI-ready, digital synth with a unique personality and sound.

We think being fully assembled will be better, too. It means better quality control, and the ability to get making music right away. We also think it’ll help introduce the MeeBlip to people less familiar with synth hardware. For those of you who do want the DIY experience, we recommend MeeBlip micro, the bare board, as it’s something you can build into your own projects. But we’d rather have you hacking and building new things, and getting to making sound, rather than doing our assembly for us.

Thanks for everyone’s support this year. It’s been a time of transition as Peter settles into the synthesizer paradise that is Berlin, and both of us work hard behind the scenes to make a more lasting MeeBlip. It’s been extraordinary, though, to get to see the work you’re doing. You’ll be hearing more from us very soon.

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  1. gwenhwyfaer

    Granted these are open source hardware, but would it be worth finding someone to build them within the EU, so that those of us who want a Meeblip only have to pay VAT, rather than import duty too – and designating them the official/blessed Meeblip EU manufacturer in exchange for a royalty? Saves on shipping, promotes localised trade, increases sustainability…

  2. gwenhwyfaer

    Also, just out of interest – do you know of any alternative firmware versions for the Meeblip? Google tells me nothing, but I can’t believe people haven’t been hacking on them.

  3. jgrahame

    Half of the Meeblip team is based in Europe, and we're in the process of finalizing European distribution for future products. This batch of Meeblips will be available to ship from within Europe, so buyers won't have to worry about additional VAT, import fees and duty and expensive international shipping.

    There are unavoidable additional costs to do business in Europe — CE testing and certification, WEEE compliance, language localization and so on. Compliance costs will have to be passed along, but we are going to do everything we can to keep the price down.

  4. jgrahame

    Yes. My favorite is by Axel Werner: http://createdigitalnoise.com/discussion/1671/new

  5. dshaw

    Will you make the new faceplate sticker and knobs available for existing SE owners?

  6. jgrahame

    Yes, if we don't accidentally mangle too many overlays while assembling this batch. 

  7. dshaw

    Great! Sign me up for a set!

  8. gwenhwyfaer

    Good stuff – but I was thinking more of complete replacements, different models of synthesis, that kind of thing?

  9. jgrahame

    I've got a a couple of alternates – one is a drone machine that I used for early testing. I'd love to clean it up, document it and release it – maybe if I have a few days to relax around xmas. The other firmware will be released on April 1st, 2013.

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  11. dshaw

    Are the new faceplate sticker and knobs available for purchase?

  12. Axel Werner

    Have you published the other firmware yet? Where can I find it?
    Will be a new firmware available with new features for meeblip in the near future?

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