Baseball and other sports have had their own trading cards, so why not maker projects, too? Fabian Fabian of Hamburg has released a delightful set of cards featuring projects from the maker scene, from Fritzing to Makey Make, and we’re flattered that MeeBlip gets its own lovely card.

I was excited to get my own deck when I met Fabian at Berlin’s Retune Conference. Photographed here, in the studio I share with other makers.

My favorite card, though: one is blank, so you can draw your own creation.

Each card has extensive details of the project on the back. There’s also beautiful artwork, as you can see in our gallery. Everything is up on GitHub and released under a Creative Commons license, of course.

The other booster packs are looking terrific, and a proper launch for others to buy these will come early next year. Now, we just need to be able to trade more cards, see other cards from the community – and, of course, get someone to open source a homebrewed recipe for the Topps-style bubblegum. (It can’t be that hard to make sugary cardboard, can it?)

All the details:

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Fabian says he had never heard of Makers’ Mark bourbon. But I personally like the symmetry!

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