You know. Squids and chip music. Photo (CC-BY-ND) Sheryl Westleigh –

MeeBlip users are constantly reminding us why we love synths. Even beginning with a fairly classical synthesizer design, you constantly make surprising music and sounds, endless in variations.

So, we’re pleased to begin a series featuring some selected tracks from you, the MeeBlip community. You can also drop in on our MeeBlip demo thread on our forum, have a listen, and share your own additions.

To kick things off, let’s have a listen to a terrific, fun-loving track called “Squid Racing” by an act known as MEGA SYNTH (Darren M. Mittermeier). It’s a tune that would be at home on a retro game – but also has a quirky personality all its own.

MeeBlip is a 16-bit synth and is capable of sounds that don’t sound like so-called “chip music.” But if you do want those kind of raw timbres, it can do that, too – and here, MEGA SYNTH makes it sound better doing it than James or I could.

This is a Song I made with the MeeBlip SE and a Yamaha DD6 Drum module, with the Korg Monotron-Duo [here as an effects box] appearing briefly at 1:08 but it is still 90% Meeblip! I tried to show off some of the possible sounds that could be made with the MeeBlip, focusing on funky presets as well as “8-bit” type sounds. I used Reason to sequence and record the MeeBlip as well as to add some delay and reverb here and there.

For more excellent music by self-described “small town music producer” MEGA SYNTH, head to Bandcamp. The latest album is name-your-price:

If you don’t yet have MeeBlip, everything you need to know is here:

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  1. Darren M.

    WOAH Awesome! This made my day! I feel pumped to make a new demo now.

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