The sun sets over LA – perfect moment for tracks like this, from an LA-based MeeBlip owner. Photo (CC-BY) Dominick.

Synthesizers are limited as instruments only by the musicians using them. And so, continuing our survey of the wonderful music coming from the MeeBlip community, here’s our favorite ambient track. “On the Edge” is eerily transcendent, a gorgeous track that will leave you soothed and reflective. (At least, it did me.) And, incredibly, it’s all MeeBlip, using only Ableton Live for mixing and reverb.

Well, except the birds at the end. I’m fairly certain those are not made by MeeBlip, though play music like this, and they may gather at your studio window.


Wonderful work by UEM, aka Los Angeles-based musician and classically-trained composer William Harrington. Find more of his music:

For more MeeBlip ambience, back in the day, I posted this creation, which takes a similar approach to layering different MeeBlip timbres with reverb:

And yes, we’re shipping the MeeBlip SE Limited Edition, the same instrument that made these sounds, now.

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  1. Eric Klein

    Love them both! Really great work. These types of songs are the reason Meeblip has been on my wish list since it launched.

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