Hey, Europe! Now every MeeBlip SE comes with a power adapter in the box, including tips for both Europlug and UK – so if you travel between the UK and the Continent, you’ll always have power. (Sample unit shown here.)

Now you can buy a MeeBlip SE Limited Edition and have it shipped to most parts of the world. It’s the same open source hardware, the same unique personality, the same black-and-orange paint scheme and retro knobs, 30 patch memories, and onboard MIDI – only we’re shipping it faster to you.

United States and Canada
US$149.95 plus US$9.95 shipping (USA) $11.95 shipping (Canada).
Includes North American power adapter.
Buy now.

European Union (€)
€149.95 plus €9.95 shipping. (DHL – ships fast, direct from Berlin)
All VAT and duty included, prepaid – so you don’t have to worry about it.
Includes power supply with Europlug and UK adapter (swappable, perfect for Easyjet tours!)
Buy now.

If you’re in Berlin, buy via this link and you can pick up in Berlin Neukölln, near Hermannplatz, at Mainzerstraße 58 EG. (We’ll send pickup details and times Monday – Saturday.)

United Kingdom
£119.95 + £7.95 postage (DHL, quickly crossing the Channel from sunny Berlin)
All VAT and duty included.
Includes power supply with Europlug and UK adapter.
Buy now.

The rest of the world (as much of it as we can ship to!)
US$149.95, plus shipping.
You supply your own power adapter for wherever you are (and that keeps shipping costs low).
(Note, you will be responsible for applicable tax/duty in your country.)
Buy now.

We can’t wait to get these MeeBlip SE to you. Shipping now in North America; Berlin shipping to Europe (including the UK) begins 6 December.

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  4. Bruce

    Is there a chance to implement a payment system that is not Paypal? I want to buy MeeBlip, but I don't use Paypal nor do I want to.

  5. James

    We're using PayPal because it allows transactions in multiple currencies. We can accept credit cards, just click the 'talk to us' link in the header on this page and let us know how to get in touch.

  6. Curtis Strong

    I'm actually a little curious about the shipping speed. When you say "quick", how short do I have to wait before the thing is at my doorstep?

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