“So what do I do with a MeeBlip – it’s, like, a sound module?”

We actually get this question a lot. MeeBlip is designed to be useful when connected to other tools. It doesn’t take much – even an inexpensive Rock Band “keytar” keyboard controller, now available for not much more than US$50, will let you play. Here, we meet some of Peter’s Berlin neighbors, the fine folks at boutique analog hardware maker Koma Elektronik. Their analog delay in particular sounds terrific with MeeBlip’s own unique sound. And for MIDI, we turn to the brilliant step sequencer for iPad, Phaedra.

This is one example. But any number of MIDI sources and effects will work – iPad owners, all you need is a MIDI connection, typically a supported USB MIDI interface and Apple’s own USB Camera Connection Kit. (iOSMIDI.com will help you find what you need.)

We had a lot of fun jamming with this combination. Here’s what happened:

Like the sound – and the look of that orange and black paint? There’s still time to get the Limited Edition MeeBlip SE before it sells out:

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  1. gwenhwyfaer

    "an inexpensive Rock Band “keytar” keyboard controller, now available for not much more than US$50"

    I just searched Amazon.co.uk for one, and came up with this – the Wii variant, currently being sold for £16.80. (The XBox360 variant is a whole fifteen pence dearer.) No excuse for not owning a keytar any more :)

  2. Hagen

    I bought a Meeblip last year during a big sale and still haven't gotten around to putting it together (life got crazy and the screws seemed like they didn't fit quite right, need to try again), but when I bought it I picked up a Wii version of teh keytar bundled w/Rock Band for $20 and the keytar stand for $5. Sale prices from Gamestop, don't know if they still sell them like that or not

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