2012 was a really important year for us on MeeBlip. Making new things is exciting, but there’s a special pleasure to refinement, to solving problems and making things better, which is what we got to do. And around the holidays, we got an unexpected gift: MeeBlip SE made a number of appearances in guides to gift buying and the best of 2012.

If you want to give a gift to yourself right now to fight the January blues, your timing is perfect – shipping is free or reduced until the end of the day January 13.

And that’s not to brag: it’s you MeeBlip users who have made this all possible. Here’s the latest:

Not just for synth geeks, DJ sites take notice, too – like Gina at DJZ:

“The MeeBlip SE is an affordable piece of hardware for makers and musicians alike. It’s got a gritty sound that can range in timbre from a conventional analog synth to the Dorito of the chiptunes.”

BEST DJ GEAR OF 2012 [DJZ.com]

“The MeeBlip SE has come into its own as a truly unique-sounding piece of kit that delivers either digital grunge or analog-style swagger, depending on how you set up its panel of 16 switches and nine knobs.”

Francis Preve, Beatport News chooses its Top 10 pieces of music-tech gear for 2012

(PS, whatever comments may say, we’re very pleased with the company we’re in – like Wolfgang Palm, a synth hero of ours, Moog, Dave Smith, and Arturia’s lovely Minibrute! Been having fun with the iPolySix this week, too.)

Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Music – yep, this is a giant list of DIY sound stuff from Matt at Adafruit that we’d love to have.

MeeBlip is one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen recently, and a great start to learning your way around synthesis.

Lots of other cool and affordable stuff in there. (Note, though: we’re now all fully-assembled. But we can still help you learn about synthesis!)

10 Holiday Gifts for the DJ / Producer / Electronic Musician

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  1. patentedimage

    I own one! and it's a F*@# Cool Synth! I enjoy every time i turn a Knob on it. Really help me discover synthesis and how it works.

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