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MeeBlip anode is available to order now! It arrives fully assembled and ready to play.

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MeeBlip anode Synthesizer

The successor to the award-winning MeeBlip

A MeeBlip anyone can play – with everything you need already in the box. Now featuring an all-new analog filter.

  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Aggressive, raunchy analog filter
  • Optimized for grungy, beautiful bass sounds
  • Power adapters included in shipments to USA, Canada, EU, UK
  • Current inventory: 10+ units (orders ship within 2 business days)



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139,95€ (EU)

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£109.95 (UK)

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Lower shipping rates: US$10 to the USA and Canada. €10 to Europe. £10 to the UK. (EU and UK orders ship from Berlin, Germany, and all VAT/duty is prepaid and included.)

Outside the EU, UK, USA, and Canada, pricing is in USD and does not include duties; shipping is US$20.

Power adapters: North American orders ship from the USA or Canada with 110V power adapter. European orders ship from Germany with VAT and duty prepaid and 220V EU/UK multi-plug power adapter. International orders ship without a power supply; you can use any 9V DC power adapter with a 2.1 mm tip-positive barrel connector.

For Hackers

MeeBlip micro packs a full-blown MeeBlip synth into a compact, pre-assembled board that you can build into your own projects. The redesigned micro will be available to order in mid-2014.

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