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MeeBlip geode

MeeBlip geode

Get your hands dirty.

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cubit midi splitter

cubit midi splitter

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MeeBlip geode is the latest generation of our award-winning synths - instruments that are as grimy and rude as they are easy to play.

It joins a new range of tools designed for easily connecting your synths, so you can focus on the fun of making sound.

Our best MeeBlip yet

Combine raw, powerful digital with driving, dirty analog. Dial in digital waveforms that are optimized to be cutting on leads and rattle the floor in the bass range. Combine them with an analog filter that won acclaim on our anode and triode - with its screaming, guitar-style resonance. And now, get the kind of hands-on control we've refined over generations of affordable synths, with new, expanded controls and great-feeling knobs.

What geode sounds like

Whether it's slicing leads, angry basslines, or percussion parts, geode always cuts through a mix. We've made some examples - no processing added - using just the unique sound of geode.


Analog filter

Analog filter

Our aggressive Twin-T analog filter is unlike anything you've heard. It can be warm and sweet when you want it to be, or crank it up for over-the-top resonance and distortion.
Two oscillators, maximum power

Two oscillators, maximum power

PWM, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, noise - that doesn't really tell the story. Think raw waveforms that will have people asking how you're making such huge, club-sized sounds on this tiny little box.
Love the player

Love the player

Hands-on control for everything - no menus, no presets, no shift key, just a selection of great-feeling knobs.
Full MIDI, now with USB

Full MIDI, now with USB

Tweak most controls via MIDI, too - and now that includes both MIDI DIN (for gear) and USB MIDI (for computers, or with adapter, iOS devices).
Ready to play

Ready to play

geode is ready to use out of the box - even the USB cable is included. It's made to introduce you to synthesis if it's your first synth ... or be an advanced addition to a big studio ... or yes, we still share our work on GitHub if you're a geek.
Not to be underestimated

Not to be underestimated

That LFO? On both filter and oscillator, it can get totally crazy. The envelope controls, the filter, oscillator - everything is there for a reason, focusing entirely on sound.

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MeeBlip geode synthesizer PREORDER ships May
MeeBlip geode synthesizer PREORDER ships May MeeBlip geode synthesizer PREORDER ships May MeeBlip geode synthesizer PREORDER ships May MeeBlip geode synthesizer PREORDER ships May

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geode is ready to play and sounds like nothing else. Reserve yours now as we finish hand-testing your synth and ship to you from Calgary, Canada.

What people said about our previous releases

Keyboard Magazine
After a day in the studio it becomes clear that nothing else sounds like anode. Key Buy.

– Keyboard Magazine

Sound on Sound
This small box is bursting with possibilities.

– Sound on Sound

Resident Advisor
[It] doesn’t sound like a [KORG] Volca … It’s fatter and nastier, and it also feels like more of a staple. It has a grittier, arguably more analogue character than anything in its price range, and it’s simple yet proficient.

– Resident Advisor

Electronic Musician
A big draw for artists who gravitate toward nasty, in-your-face timbres.

– Electronic Musician