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MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface

US $59.95 US $79.95

MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface
MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface

US $59.95 US $79.95

Visit the cubit duo page for our latest cubit MIDI interface with even more features!

cubit go is a USB interface with a difference: we integrated hardware MIDI OUT mirroring circuity on the four outputs. Whatever you send to the output is sent to all four jacks simultaneously, with no software delay.

It’s got the ports you need most often - one input, so you can perform, and four outputs so you can connect more gear without re-patching. USB connects input and output to your computer or mobile device, so you can use MIDI with your favorite software.

cubit go is lightweight and compact. It's also driverless and USB powered, which means it works with phones and tablets as well as computers. And the jacks are top-mounted to fit cubit go into tight spaces, even when cabled up.


  • 1x1 USB MIDI interface
  • Four hardware-mirrored MIDI OUT jacks - no software lag
  • Opto-isolated MIDI IN to reduce ground loops
  • High performance 32-bit ARM Cortex processor
  • Class-compliant USB MIDI - no drivers needed
  • Bright green MIDI light flashes when sending or receiving data for easy troubleshooting
  • Size: 108 x 76 x 25 mm (4.25" x 3:" x 1"), weight: 110 g (3.9 oz)
  • Includes 1 m (3 ft) USB cable
  • USB powered
  • Works with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android*

MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI interface

Each cubit go is assembled and tested by us in Canada, then sold exclusively from us direct to you to keep costs low.

Don't forget cables - get a four pack of MIDI cables for just US$24.95.

Looking for a splitter (thru box) you can use with gear directly, not an interface? The cubit MIDI splitter shares the same ultra-tight thru circuitry for standalone operation!

Customers outside the USA and Canada: You may be asked to pay VAT and other fees on delivery. Talk to us if you have questions about international shipping.

We ship by the US Postal Service or Canada Post.

(*iPad and iPhone require Lightning to USB adapter, sold separately. Android may require OTG USB adapter. Compatible device required.)

Frequently asked questions

Can I plug MIDI devices into the USB port and output MIDI?

No. cubit go is a MIDI interface, for connecting MIDI into and out of a computer (or phone/tablet). It is not a USB MIDI host. 

Why is this a 1x1 interface, if there are four output jacks?

The one port is mirrored across all four output jacks. That allows us to ensure there's no timing difference between the four output jacks.

Doesn't that mean all my gear will play the same notes?

MIDI has 16 channels, so if you want notes or patterns to be routed to a particular device, you can set that output channel.

What do you mean, "ultra-tight timing"?

If you want to get scientific, the output circuitry has a maximum propagation delay of 44 nanoseconds - that's billionths of a second. To us humans, it's basically zero lag.

How will this work with my computer?

No drivers are needed - you just plug and play. You'll see cubit go as an additional MIDI input and output, alongside any other MIDI and audio gear you have, inside your DAW's preferences.

Should I get cubit go or cubit splitter?

cubit splitter is the device for you if you want to take data sent to one MIDI input jack, and transmit that to four output jacks. (This is also called a "MIDI thru" box - they're the same thing.)

cubit go is what you want if you need to get MIDI into and out of a computer or supported phone/tablet.

USB on cubit splitter is for power only. USB on cubit go carries both power and data.


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