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MeeBlip triode Version 1.20 Firmware Upgrade

US $7.75

MeeBlip triode Version 1.20 Firmware Upgrade

US $7.75

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All new triode synths ship with the latest firmware installed. This update is only for triodes with serial number 558 or lower. 

triode firmware Version 1.20 includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

The upgrade includes a preprogrammed ATMega32A microcontroller. Just remove the synth's four back panel screws, slide off the triode main voice board, gently pry the old processor out of its socket and replace.

triode 1.20 features:

  • Now handles MIDI clock. No need to disable or filter it.
  • Increased front panel switch scanning rate (10X faster)
  • Reduced pitchbend to ± 3 semitones (was previously an entire octave)
  • Removed digital pre-filtering code (previously used on OSC A&B)
  • Removed digital enveloping of OSC A & B
  • Gate oscillators when amplitude envelope hits zero (prevents audio bleed through)
  • Changed filter cutoff curve (use table from MeeBlip SE)
  • Scale filter cutoff knob
  • Scale filter resonance knob 
  • Raw calculated waveforms are now used in the lower 4 octaves, then switch to bandlimited wavetables. Added bandlimited square wave tables (pulse waves were previously generated with offset sawtooth ramps)
  • Flipped waveforms to match phase and avoid a pop when crossing the cut-over point
  • Ensure MIDI channel settings are saved correctly when powered off for Channel 1-8 (implement MAXMIDI variable)
  • Allow MIDI CC control of GLIDE knob to select waves when in wavetable mode (CC 61 now controls GLIDE in wavetable mode)

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