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MeeBlip triode synthesizer


MeeBlip triode synthesizer
MeeBlip triode synthesizer MeeBlip triode synthesizer MeeBlip triode synthesizer


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Pre-order today. Our next production run ships November 10th.

MeeBlip triode's huge sound is driven by three oscillators and a unique twin-t analog lowpass filter. Two digital pulse / pwm / sawtooth oscillators can be detuned and a square wave sub-oscillator adds to the bottom end. For sonic variety, triode also offers hands-on access to 24 grungy wavetables, along with dual envelopes routed to oscillator amplitude and filter cutoff for powerful filter sweeps and effects.

Hear what triode can do

  • Two aggressive MeeBlip digital oscillators for maximum bass impact
  • A third sub-oscillator with pure square wave output (no samples, no digital-to-analog conversion)
  • Switchable waveforms: square, PWM sweep, and sawtooth
  • Twin-T analog resonant filter inspired by guitar stompboxes
  • 24 wavetables for endless sonic possibilities
  • MIDI control of every single parameter you see, plus more under the hood
  • LFO routable to oscillators or filter
  • MIDI IN jack
  • Stereo audio mini jack output
  • Includes multi-volt power adapter (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz) with US/Canada plug
  • Limited run of only 1000 hand-numbered units

triode comes fully assembled and ready to use. Because it’s open source hardware, users can learn from anode by looking through the code and circuits, modifying how it works, or even creating their own instruments based on the design.

We ship by USPS, FedEx Ground or Canada Post. triode pre-orders ship the week of November 10th. 

Customers outside the USA and Canada: You may be responsible for VAT and import duty in your country.  

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